The Average Window Replacement Cost 

What’s the average window replacement cost? Well, a customer can expect to pay between six and eight hundred dollars for an average quality window. A customer can expect to pay an average of eight to fifteen thousand dollars on a common single family home entire window replacement, which would typically include labor, all of the permitting and disposing of all of the existing windows.

Residential windows can last between twenty to thirty years depending on the quality of the window. A lot of these windows have warranties that can protect the client for twenty or thirty years. There are some companies that have glass protection. So, basically, if the windows break for whatever reason, they will come out and replace it. We work with Anlin Windows and Doors. Anlin offers double lifetime warranty on their windows including a glass breakage warranty.

To describe our process, we typically come out and give a free estimate. Then we come out and do a window measurement. The second step from that is obviously for the homeowners to choose the windows and agree to the contract amount. Then it takes about two to three weeks to get the windows in and to be able to start the project. 

On average we can replace about eight to ten windows per day, so depending on the number of windows, if you only had a small house with eight or ten windows, then we can do that in one day. If there is reconstruction involved then the project might take from two to three days. A customer can expect between two to six crew members and it just depends on the size of the project and the scheduled activities for the day. 

Typically, it’s recommended to do a whole house replacement. There’s a lot of companies that will only work on that basis. You’re going to get better pricing if you do it that way. Plus, the house will perform better if you replace all of them and not just a few here and there. When you’re replacing windows it typically is going to save you energy in your heating and cooling bill. 

At California Showcase Construction we install top of the line replacement windows and doors. Consult with a professional before making a large investment and replacing your windows. We are here to provide a consultation and to save you money on energy efficient windows and doors.