Bow Windows

Bow windows are perfect for those who are looking to extend the space in their homes and need abundant light and a great view. Bow windows can fit perfectly in your home, and help move walls closer to the corners of the room. They have the flexibility of four or more fixed or vented windows that will allow your imagination to go wild. You can choose the perfect combination that will fit your home architecture and your home style and the desired functionality.

Bow windows are manufactured and designed with more panes of glass and less framing; they capture natural light much better than most windows. Of course, the positioning of these windows has a lot to do with the amount of light coming into your home.

The downside to bow windows vs. bay windows is that there is less opportunity for you to install a ventilated window style without breaking your bank or sacrificing the flow of the window.

For your next window replacement, consider bow windows from California Showcase Construction with an extensive color range to fit any home architectural style, plus all the fantastic benefits of a brand-new vinyl window. Contact California Showcase Construction, Inc. at (951) 682-0208 / (760) 321-3665