Single Slider Window

A single-slider window is perfect for a budget-conscious homeowner that is looking for quality, energy-efficiency, and reasonable prices. These windows are beautifully designed to enhance the beauty of your home, increasing curb appeal and home value without sacrificing energy-efficiency. Windows installed by California Showcase Construction are top of the line, exceptional quality windows. These windows are ideal for a window replacement if you are on a tight budget.
One of the reasons why these windows are so economical is because they are extremely low maintenance, they have fewer hardware parts compared to other windows.

California Showcase Construction, Inc. is committed to offering all of its clients a smooth installation with minimal disruptions. No matter how big or small the job is California Showcase Construction will always make sure that a high-quality product will be installed correctly the first time for you to enjoy the benefits immediately after installation.

Although sliders are the popular choice for a window replacement, you may want to keep in mind the downside of the slider window. Although the energy-efficiency meets industry standards and they may be energy star approved, these are the least energy-efficient windows. The reason behind them scoring so low is that they have that gap on the track that helps the window slide from side to side. When shutting completely, there is the middle junction that also has a gap and can let a little more air in and out. This might be an issue if you live in a hot, cold or windy area.

For your next window replacement, consider our single slider windows with an extensive color range to fit any home architectural style, plus all the fantastic benefits of brand-new vinyl windows. Contact California Showcase Construction, Inc. at (951) 682-0208 / (760) 321-3665