Sliding Patio Doors

Anlin Malibu Series

Sliding patio doors, as their name implies, are known for having panels that slide along rails positioned on the top and bottom edge of the door frame. Some sliding doors feature two sliding panels while others only have one sliding panel and one fixed panel. The panels take up just as much space as the door frame, making them great for areas with limited floor space. Furthermore, because the panels are fully supported by the door frame, a sliding door can afford to have larger glass panels than French doors, which may require stiles for extra support.

sliding-patio-door-ox (1)


  • Available in heights from 6′ to 8′
  • QuadraGlideTM rollers for smooth and quiet operation
  • Door rollers glide over a durable stainless steel track
  • 12 ThermaCoat™ exterior frame colors that suit any home design
  • AlumaForce™, heavy-duty door screen frame that is almost impossible to bend
  • BetterVue® door screen provides more visibility, airflow, and insect protection
  • Can be made with an Anlin Pet Door
  • Safety tempered glass

Anlin Pet Doors

Malibu sliding patio doors and swinging French doors can be made with an in-glass pet door built right into the glass. Anlin Pet Doors are available in four sizes so you can choose the size just right for your pet. You will love the look and the freedom it gives you and your pets.