Bay Windows

A set of three outward angled windows make up what we know to be the bay windows. These windows are angled out and away from the house creating additional space that is usually designed for sitting, storage or display. In most cases, the center window tends to be bigger than the side panels, also known as flankers, and it is also fixed like a picture window. The center window is typically around 50 percent larger than the windows (flankers) on either side.

Different shapes can adorn your home with a bay window; these windows can be hexagonal, octagonal, or square in shape. Homeowners usually choose bay windows because it offers an extensive view of the outdoors and because it is an abundant source of natural light and additional space for sitting or decorating. It is usual to see bay windows with double-hung windows as flankers to because of their ability to close and open for natural ventilation.

A bay window is an excellent choice if you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays. Bay windows provide ample space for the strings of lights and holiday decorations that you and your neighbors will enjoy throughout the season.

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