Picture Window

A picture window is stationary, usually large in size, a single pane with low profile frames to offer the maximum view possible. As its name suggests a picture window is designed to give you a beautiful clear view of the outdoors without anything obstructing your way, and virtually acting as a picture frame to the scenery outside the window.

Picture windows are an excellent option if you have a beautiful back yard view, ocean view or any other view that you want to enjoy daily. It is also a great choice if you live in a tall home and want extra natural lighting coming in through your picture windows. These can be installed in the areas that are hard to reach and when there is no need to open or close the windows. A picture window will give your home more light, energy and great views. We can also add to the benefits the fact that the more sun comes into your home the healthier the inhabitants’ skin is. You get your daily vitamin D dose without the harmful outdoor elements.

The disadvantage to a picture window is that since they do not open or close, there are lower chances of natural ventilation. Often these windows are decorative accents together with high ceiling or on top of doors.

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