California Showcase Construction, Inc. is a business dedicated to home improvement without the hassle. California Showcase Construction, Inc. helps homeowners lower their energy costs, increase the value of their homes, and provide the best service with quality products. California Showcase Construction, Inc. is proud to have a professionally trained team that works together with a great manufacturer to deliver projects promptly. Offering a hassle-free experience to satisfy customers’ needs California Showcase Construction, Inc. has become a top window and door replacement contractor in the inland empire. The reason is not solely our outstanding craftsmanship, but also the top of the line materials that we carefully select.

Our team has to be able to deliver what we promised to our customers. Our craftsmanship has been perfected over the years with Brian Jones, our owner and founder, overseeing all of the projects. We have to make sure we are using the right tools and materials. In fact we want to work with the best materials available on the market.

California Showcase Construction, Inc. is proud to say that we use the best window products that come from the top manufacturer. The quality of these vinyl windows complements our craftsmanship. Anlin Window Systems is a family owned business that, just like California Showcase Construction, Inc., has many years of experience in the industry. What we love about Anlin Window Systems is that they build their windows and doors with features that we are looking for to help our customers improve their home and lifestyle.

Anlin Window Systems have made sure that their windows and doors are optimized for energy efficiency, beauty, functionality, and durability. These are all key aspects that bring our customers long term savings and increase home value. Anlin Window Systems manufacturing facility features the latest production technology. The most important of all is that they do all this great work promptly which helps California Showcase Construction, Inc. fulfil the promise to our clients.

Together with Anlin Window Systems, California Showcase Construction, Inc. can deliver exceptional craftsmanship with a great product that will last and look beautiful.

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