California Showcase Construction, Inc. and Anlin Window Systems

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California Showcase Construction, Inc. is a business dedicated to home improvement without the hassle. California Showcase Construction, Inc. helps homeowners lower their energy costs, increase the value of their homes, and provide the best service with quality products.

Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows & Doors

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Warning Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows & Doors Our homes speak to us – sometimes it sounds like a whisper and other times it howls. Some of that noise may be coming from old windows and doors. If any of these common signs seem familiar to you, then replacing your windows and

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

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Why you should replace your windows Your home's windows play a very important role in your life. The best windows provide natural lighting, increase air flow, and make your house look great from the inside out. Windows also play a big role in your home's efficiency. Modern windows offer better insulation, which makes it