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One of the oldest cities in San Diego county is Escondido, California. Establishes in 1888, the city of Escondido is located in a shallow valley surrounded by rocky hills. Escondido situated in the north county region of San Diego, about 30 miles northeast of downtown San Diego.

Fun fact about the name: “Escondido” is Spanish for “hidden.” Many people have different theories about the name’s origin. One source says the name referred initially to agua Escondido or hidden water another says it relates to a hidden treasure.

Escondido has a total area of 37 square miles with only 0.2 square miles of it being water. The city is fast growing with communities rising like Hidden Trails appearing at the East Valley Parkway. Several unincorporated communities surround Escondido. These include Jesmond Dene and Hidden Meadows to the north; Felicita Park to the southwest; and Rincon Del Diablo to the southeast.

Escondido weather usually leans towards a Mediterranean climate with warmer summers and cooler winters. Since Escondido is located pretty centrally, it does tend to be a lot hotter than the cities by the coast like San Diego, Carlsbad or Oceanside, especially during the hot summer months. Escondido also tends to have cooler winters. Rain will vary from year to year, but on average it rains about 15 inches. Most of the storms come from March to November. In Escondido snowfall is virtually unheard of, although during the winter it will occasionally hail.

In Escondido, the warmest recorded temperature was 113 degrees Fahrenheit on August 25th, 1894. The coldest temperature recorded was 13 degrees Fahrenheit on January 2nd, 1901. On average the hottest months are August and September with high temperatures of 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you look at the satellite map, it looks like Escondido residents live inside a ring of rocky hills! The hills keep its climate dry and also cause dust to be ever present with every little airstream. Homes in Escondido are often invaded by unwanted intruders that make their way in through old or poorly installed windows. Those intruders are dust, cold air, and extreme heat year-round!

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Window replacement in Escondido, California is done right with Anlin vinyl windows. Anlin windows are built with dual-pane technology, keeping the cold out during the winter, and heat out during the summer. Most importantly, they are installed right, so dust will also stay out. Enjoy the benefits of your new Anlin Vinyl windows immediately after installation.

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