Is Your Home Looking Dull And Chipped?

Have you noticed your home’s bright colors are starting to fade? It no longer has that polished, beautiful look it had before. Has the paint begun to chip off the walls making your home lose curb appeal? Maybe it is time for a new paint job. There are different options available. You can either: repaint your home with the usual paint coat, or you can add textured coatings like TEX∙COTE®. Let’s find out the difference between paint and TEX∙COTE®.

We hope that we can help you reach a decision and that we can help you accomplish the desired results.

The Benefits of Paint

Paint can be found at any local hardware store, making it super easy to access and apply. Paint is affordable and has many beautiful color options that will immediately enhance your home’s curb appeal. It will dry quickly and it is easier to manage than textured coatings. You do not need a certified contractor to use paint.

Cons of Paint

Because anyone can use paint, the results are not guaranteed. With paint you will need to repaint season after season, which becomes a tedious task. Homeowners tend to want to quickly get it over with by applying coats of paint to an already existing paint job. Preparing the wall is considered a waste of time because the color will shortly need to be re-applied anyways. If the house is located in the hot desert or close to the beach, the paint will peel or lose pigmentation easily. Eventually the home ends up looking worse. The more layers of paint are applied, the faster it starts looking dull, uneven and unattractive. You may think you are saving money and time with paint, but having to repaint over and over is making a dent in your bank account.

You have to be careful with painting if you have stucco walls. Stucco is porous and it needs to breathe. The paint interferes with the breathability of the surface. Moisture can become trapped in the wall between the membrane and the paint. At best, this causes the paint to bubble, peel, and chip as the moisture forces a way to escape. At worst by painting the stucco you turn your walls into a sponge that absorbs moisture and causes black mold.

Benefits of TEX∙COTE®

TEX∙COTE®, when applied correctly, will last for decades. It will increase your home’s curb appeal and make your home more energy-efficient. Its pigmentation will not fade easily over time because of its sunray reflective properties. TEX∙COTE® exterior coating systems use the same heat-reflective technology the military uses to reduce the “heat signature”. “Heat signature” is the heat planes and vehicles absorb from the sun. But your home’s enemy is not a military force, but the skyrocketing cost of electricity. TEX∙COTE® helps you combat it expertly.

TEX∙COTE® offers benefits to the homes located in the fire zones. TEX∙COTE® Classic added volcanic ash to the formula. Thus they were able to come-up with a product that had fire-resistant properties, reducing the possibility of embers lighting the eaves on fire as so often happens with wildfires.

Cons of TEX∙COTE®

TEX∙COTE® is more than just paint, it is a process, and that is why it can only be applied by dealers that have been trained to prepare your home’s surface and apply the coating. This carefully crafted process will make sure that the product is used correctly to ensure its maximum protection and preserve the beauty for decades. The process may be a bit longer but it guarantees results.

So what do I select, paint or TEX∙COTE®? As home improvement experts California Showcase Construction gets this question all the time and we recommend using TEX∙COTE®. Give your home a new look or an upgrade. TEX∙COTE® is especially beneficial if you live in an area susceptible to extreme or unpredictable weather changes, constant heat, or if you live by the ocean. All those weather components will destroy a paint coat in no time, but TEX∙COTE®, carefully crafted with heat reflective technology and other technologies that allow it to be weather resistant, will stay the same for many years.

California Showcase Construction INC an authorized TEX•COTE® dealer. We are specially trained to prepare your home’s surface and apply the coating. The process might be a multi-step process, but it ensures the quality of the product.

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