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Murrieta is located on the southwestern side of Riverside, California. Murrieta has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of California with a population increase of 133.7% between the years of 2000 and 2010. Murrieta by far surpassed the fast-growing city of Temecula to the south. Both of them create the southwest anchor of the Inland Empire. Both Murrieta and Temecula are the so-called commuter tows. Which means Murrieta’s residents will commute to jobs in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Temecula, and Camp Pendleton.

Murrieta is bordered by Temecula and Menifee to the south, Wildomar to the north, and the unincorporated community of French Valley to the east. Murrieta is the exact center of the Los Angeles – San Diego mega-region, and it holds a population of 24 million people.

Murrieta has a moto, and it reads “Gem of the Valley.” Their seal features a diamond, and you can see this diamond among the city signs, street signs and freeway interchanges.


The city of Murrieta has a Mediterranean climate. It is typically dry-summer subtropical. Murrieta residents experience a total of 263 days of sunshine and 35 days of rain in a year. From April to November Murrieta’s days are warm to hot, with the hottest measuring 91 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest going down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the rain will happen from March to November. Sometimes Murrieta experiences what they call a microclimate temperature, which means that temperatures can go as low as 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best window replacement services in Murrieta, CA

The residents of Murrieta are used to extreme weather changes at unexpected times as well as prolonged periods of constant heat. To keep the homeowners comfortable at all times, California Showcase Construction, INC offers the best window replacement services in Murrieta, CA. Window replacement is highly recommended if your home is hotter than it should be during the summer and colder during the winter.

California Showcase Construction, INC only works with the best quality materials, Anlin vinyl windows. Anlin manufactures their windows with dual pane technology that keeps the heat out during the summer and the cold out during the winter. Dual-pane means your home will be a lot more comfortable, energy-efficient and your electricity bills will get lower.

California Showcase Construction, INC specializes in energy efficient home improvements. Add comfort to your home with a new roof, a sunroom or one of our patio covers. Together with Anlin vinyl windows your home will be an oasis in the middle of the valley, inside and out.

If you are a Murrieta, California resident struggling with home temperatures and high energy bills, Showcase Construction, INC is the best option. Our installers are highly trained and certified by the manufacturers. You can start to enjoy the benefits of your window replacements right after the installation. California Showcase, INC does window installation the right way.

For any window replacements or questions on our Anlin vinyl window installations in Murrieta, CA call California Showcase Construction, INC! (951) 682-0208 / (760) 321-3665