Does Solar REALLY Make Your Home Energy Efficient?

Jeremy Beebe 9/10/2019

Homeowners all over Southern California, specifically in the Inland Empire are all asking themselves the same question, “is Solar right for me and my home?”. More than a few of the neighbors have it done, you keep hearing whispers and rumors about the State of California making Solar power a mandatory thing, amongst many other indicators saying that going with Solar is going to be the answer for energy moving forward. Still though, you’re not sure whether you’re ready to switch to Solar Power or not. Taking a deeper look into energy and what makes a home more efficient can help us come to a solid conclusion.

We all agree that Solar Power is better for the environment than using fossil fuels, but is switching to solar making your home more energy efficient or are you truly just switching energy sources? Will your air conditioner use less power because you have Solar Power? These are a couple of the questions that you must ask yourself when you are considering switching to Solar Power in Southern California. Now that you’ve asked yourself those questions and undoubtably came to the same conclusion as I did, we can agree that switching to Solar makes you ZERO percent more energy efficient and you will probably be using more since it’s “free” right?

Moving forward it makes sense to think that if you take steps to make your home more energy efficient before buying a bunch of Solar Panels, wouldn’t you need to buy less panels to make electricity with? Again, I am sure we agree there! So how do you make a home more energy efficient? To start, HVAC and window technology has come quite a long way in the past few decades, some companies are offering Energy Star Certified Roofing now. Whole house fans, injectable insulations, and exterior coatings have all pushed themselves onto the scene as premier add-ons for energy efficiency.

I am sure you think that truly making your home more energy efficient can seem like a daunting task. You wouldn’t necessarily need to complete all these projects to make a serious impact on your energy consumption. Doing a few of these choice replacements like replacing your builders grade windows, swapping the out of date HVAC system and adding a whole house fan would make a serious impact on your energy consumption. In some cases where homeowners still have a want for Solar Power, making your home more efficient with these 3 affordable projects before installing Solar Panels could cut the number of panels you need by up to 60%*!

The question isn’t whether you are going to switch to solar, it’s when! Now that we’ve established some of the most effective methods to lower your actual energy consumption, you can feel confident that when you switch to solar, not only are you making a difference in the environment you know you are actually making a difference in your home.

*dependent on Family lifestyle

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