California Showcase Construction VS the Other Guys

Jeremy Beebe

There are many companies and brands to choose from when seeking home improvement work. It’s a daunting process no doubt. You see ads running on TV, the radio and even people coming to knock at your door. When getting estimates and seeking a contractor its critical to investigate certain factors pertaining to the business and how it operates before letting them into your home. These factors go for all types of construction and home improvement but for sake of ease, we’ll focus on what you need to look at when seeking window contractors specifically and show you why California Showcase Construction is the perfect fit for your project.

How We “Market” VS the Other Guys

Marketing is a huge part of every successful business and there is no denying that. However, the way companies market can tell you a lot about the way that they practice business. When a company engages in any type of marketing, they are essentially putting their best assets on display for the world to judge and make an opinion of them. At California Showcase Construction we market through the typical means, social media, television ads and more but what we focus on is the customer experience. While “the other guys” typically dump money into flashy marketing tactics and paid ads on search engines to trick the unknowing consumer into coming to them, our Field Marketing Team takes the time to come out to you and answer any questions you have about our products, services, and company. This helps you become more familiar with us so when you’re ready to move forward, there won’t be any question that California Showcase Construction is the only company good enough to be welcomed into your home.

California Showcase Construction Pricing VS the Other Guys

At California Showcase Construction we strive (and succeed!) to provide the most competitive pricing available on the market. 9/10 Consumers say that California Showcase Construction offers the best pricing for the value available. We have always been firm believers in getting exactly what you pay for. While “the other guys” may have a house full of windows for $30,000, does that mean that they are the best windows available? Everybody knows a BMW spends as much, if not more, time in the shop than a Toyota. Maybe your neighbor the electrician did his windows and said you can just buy the windows and sliding doors and he’ll put them in for a few bucks. What happens if one breaks? What happens if he installs one wrong? Who backs up the neighbor’s work? The manufacturer won’t and odds are, your neighbor probably won’t either. That’s why you hire companies with very affordable pricing and options for financing, like California Showcase Construction.

Our Installations VS the Other Guys

When you see that blue box truck with the California Showcase logo pull up in front of your house, you should instantly know you’ve made the right choice in contractors. When our crew unloads your windows and doors from the back of our box truck, you will notice that there isn’t a single chip mark or bug splattered upon them. The other guys can’t say the same as they’ve driven from the manufacturer, or worse yet the local hardware store, to bring your windows back carelessly strapped into the back of an open pickup truck bed. During the installation, you will notice that our crews are not only courteous and professional but come prepared to leave your home cleaner than it was when they arrived. With decades of experience to be had on our installation teams, you can bet that your experience at California Showcase Construction will be second to none.

Full-Time Service Department VS the Other Guys

Even the best contractors and product manufacturers can make mistakes, nobody is perfect (no matter how hard we try to be). That’s exactly what service departments are for though! When seeking the ideal contractor to complete your vision you must do your due diligence and make sure that the company you are working with not only says that they back all of their work and installation but they have the service department to prove it. What’s the best way to check if a company has a service department? Just ask them to direct you to their service department when you call, if they say anything besides “okay, just a moment” or something to those effects, they don’t have one and you should consider that as a major red flag! California Showcase Construction is proud to not only boast a service department that is always ready to help but they’re also available more hours than any other company with their Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00!

California Showcase Construction Warranty VS the Other Guys

California Showcase Construction not only has the most available and highly rated service department in the I.E. but also the best warranties ever heard of. While you will be lucky to get a 10-year warranty for the work done out of most companies, our Anlin Vinyl Windows has a real Double Backed True Double Lifetime Guarantee on most of our window installations! Most of “The Other Guys” don’t have a warranty to offer and in some cases, they may not even have licensing, bonding or insurance! That is why it’s is very critical to do your due diligence as a homeowner by performing research on the product you are having installed into your home as well as the company doing the installation. Even if the product is warranted by a manufacturer, if the installation company is licensed and certified for the installation it will void the warranty. As is the case with most window manufacturers.

How Do I Choose the Best Contractor?

The best way to do that is to take advantage of as many resources as you can! Using the information above and a few trusty resources like the Better Business Bureau, The League of California Homeowners, Online Reviews and Consumer Reports, you should be very confident in the next step to beautifying your home. Regardless of who you decide to contract your work out too, we’d suggest you always start with a competitive and privately-owned business-like California Showcase Construction.