Anlin Window Systems

Anlin Window Systems is a family-owned business that, just like California Showcase Construction, Inc., has many years of experience in the industry. What we love about Anlin Window Systems is that they build their windows and doors with features that we are looking for to help our customers improve their home and lifestyle.

Anlin Window Systems have made sure that their windows and doors are optimized for energy efficiency, beauty, functionality, and durability.

Not only does Anlin care for their customer’s immediate needs but also for the long-term needs with their true double life time warranty. Anlin window and doors are the sustainable choices for those who think about the environment and the future of our planet.

  • Anlin’s industry-leading energy efficiency means you use less energy to heat and cool your home. And when you use less energy, you’re helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. So you save money while you reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Anlin reclaims and reuses almost all by-products in their manufacturing process, including glass, vinyl and shipping materials. Each year, Anlin recycles more than 600,000 pounds of vinyl and 12,000 pounds of paper!
  • Your Anlin windows and doors are built to last. Made with durable materials that stand up to even extreme environments, they’ll stay on your home longer and out of the landfill.
  • Anlin Vinyl Replacement Windows are extremely efficient dual-pane windows built with the Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System.

These are all key aspects that bring our customers long term savings and increase home value. Anlin Window Systems manufacturing facility features the latest production technology. The most important of all is that they do all this great work promptly, which helps California Showcase Construction, Inc. fulfill the promise to our clients.

Together with Anlin Window Systems, California Showcase Construction, Inc. can deliver exceptional craftsmanship with a great product that will last and look beautiful. As a California based company, Anlin Windows understands the needs of California homes, particularly the need for specifically designed windows providing optimum energy savings in hot climates.

With all the amazing specs that we have mentioned comes the customer service that we are so grateful for. Anlin Windows has an outstanding rating on Yelp of five starts leading the industry with the highest ratings compared to other window companies.

Andersen Windows

Andersen Corporation is a well-known window company that has been around for a long time. It also offers windows that will last and change the look of your home. Andersen’s windows and doors combine environmental responsibility, and energy-saving performance. The 100 Series’ Fibrex® composite frame and sash contain 40% pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber, and the glass used contains 12% reclaimed glass. Low-E glass works like sunscreen to protect the floors and furniture in your home from UV rays, and the owner-to-owner limited warranty guarantees your windows will shine long after you sell. The seamless corners and nine color choices are sure to highlight the beauty of any home. Andersen is known for their sliding and French doors and they also do custom wood to complement your home.

The Investment

The investment in Anlin Windows and Doors will be more be reasonable compared to Andersen since Anlin does not spend on advertising on TV and radio. Anlin is mostly based on word of mouth and their fantastic customer reviews.

Choose the highest rated window company that offers safer, longer-lasting windows at a reasonable price! Contact California Showcase Construction Inc today!