Who to Call for Leaky Roof and Leaking Windows

Leaky Roof

The wet weather just started, and rain will bring the water California needs. But rain and wind may also reveal unwanted leaks in your home’s ceiling. Those leaks may damage not only the roof that protects your family but they could also destroy your furniture, walls, ceiling and anything below it. Not to mention, they can be a health hazard. Do you know who to call for a leaky roof and leaking windows?

It is not hard to spot a leaky roof. If your roof is leaking you will often find stains on the ceiling or streaks running down your walls. Tracking down where the roof leak is coming from might be the hardest part. It is important to know how you can spot leaking roofs and California Showcase Construction, INC is prepared and ready to track down and those leaks.

If in fact, you have a leaking roof you must fix it immediately, even if it does not bother you now or it is not in your plans to get a new roof until next year. Although you may think it has not been long since you spotted that leak, it is important to pay attention and take action right away because big problems may occur pretty quickly. Those problems include mold, rotted framing, and, sheathing, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings.

California Showcase Construction roofing specialists will schedule an in-home appointment without any cost to you. We will be able to evaluate the damage and let you know if it is worth to try and repair your roof. Sometimes a new roof would be the best way to go. The new roof will fix all the problems with the leakage, increase the value of your home, improve the curb appeal and will make you safe and comfortable in your home for a long time. Sometimes the homeowners worry about the cost, and California Showcase construction has a solution for you. We offer multiple financing options through our PACE partners that will satisfy your budget and your project requirements.

Leaking Windows

It is also important to note that leaks do not only happen on the ceiling. Wind-driven rain hits your home from the sides especially around windows or the sidings of your home that may be cracked.

Leaks on the roof, windows or sidings can be dangerous in many ways. Having a wet floor may cause people to slip, mold is an air pollutant, and not to mention your belongings could also get damaged and if you let it sit for a long time there will come a day when costly improvements would be the only option.

It does not matter what is leaking in your home, California Showcase Construction, INC. and their team will tackle the task of protecting you and your home and most importantly keeping you and your family safe.

Choose the highest rated roofing, and window replacement company that offers safer, longer-lasting solutions at a reasonable price! Contact California Showcase Construction Inc today!