3-Lite Slider Windows 

This type of window has a narrower frame that welcomes more sunlight into any room; this makes it the right choice if you are looking for a cost-efficient window that will reduce energy bills. Homeowners prefer 3-lite slider windows for their high performance. All hardware is made out of heavy-duty material interlocking sashes and weather stripping. Making it the top window to protect against outdoor threats such as dust, hail, bugs, and rain.

It is easy to operate thanks to the pull rail feature. It is designed to last and require minimal maintenance. It does not use any materials that will quickly wear out.

The 3-lite design is a recommended design for most Southern California areas since it increases home value because of its aesthetic features, which come hand in hand with weather-resistance and quality.

For your next window replacement, consider 3-Lite slider windows from California Showcase Construction with an extensive frame color range to fit any home architectural style, plus all the fantastic benefits of a brand-new vinyl window. Contact California Showcase Construction, Inc. at (951) 682-0208 / (760) 321-3665