Use Tax Refund for Window Replacement

New Windows Add to Home Value

According to the IRS the average American is getting about three thousand dollars back as a tax refund. Since we are now in the middle of the tax season it is a good idea to plan what to do with the money. It is certainly an option to go on a vacation, put a down payment on a new car or splurge on the latest technology gadget, but what about that home improvement project you have been thinking about, but never got to do?

Even minor home improvements will increase your daily comfort levels and potentially bump up the value of your biggest investment – your home. Like with anything, there are multiple options on what home improvement to do first. Does your home need a new roof? Could you use a new patio cover for the BBQ season? Is your HVAC system on its last leg?
California Showcase Construction recommends a window replacement project. New windows add to home value and protect your biggest investment – your home. If you have old and outdated windows, you are probably paying what it would cost you to buy replacement windows in your energy costs.

The benefits of window replacement include: energy efficiency, noise reduction, increased curb appeal, improved indoor air quality and more. We install custom vinyl windows manufactured in California by Anlin Window Systems. The windows are top of the line and have a fantastic warranty that will transfer to the new owner in case you decide to sell your home.
When you use your tax refund for window replacement you might potentially contribute to your next year tax rebates. It depends on where you live and if you are doing the itemized tax return or not. It also depends on what type of windows you purchase, so it is always best to check your local legislation and consult with your CPA to make sure you get the most out of your home improvement.
If your tax refund is not enough to pay for the entire window replacement project, California Showcase Construction offers finance options for any budget or lifestyle possible. We have so many options: the minimum payment you would be comfortable with / low to no interest / pay cash. You can even start paying a few months after the project has been completed. California Showcase Construction team will do everything in our power to make sure you get the best financing that you qualify for that suits your needs.

Don’t postpone the project you have been dreaming about.
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