Window Replacement in Rialto, California

Rialto is a suburb of San Bernardino with a population of 102,873. Rialto is in San Bernardino County. Living in Rialto offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Rialto there are a lot of parks. Many families live in Rialto and residents tend to lean liberal.

History of Rialto, CA

The area was first settled in the mid 1850’s where families built homes, planted vineyards, groves and farms. The area was well suited to agriculture. Muscat Grapes were first grown here. An example of an early Adobe house is in Bud Bender Park. It is believed to be the oldest house in Rialto. The naming of Rialto is unsure. Some say it was a combination of Rio (River) and Alto (High) and others say it was named for the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy. The bridge is still used as a community symbol in many places.

What is Rialto, CA known for?

Rialto is home to four major regional distribution centers: Staples, Inc., which serves stores across the entire West Coast of the United States, Toys “R” Us, FedEx and Target in the northern region of the city, in the Las Colinas community. One of the United States’ largest fireworks companies, Pyro Spectaculars, is also headquartered in Rialto.

Climate in Rialto, CA

Rialto features a somewhat cooler version of a Mediterranean climate which may be characterized as a Continental Mediterranean climate, which is known for wet, cool to chilly winters (frost is common during this time of the year) with hot, dry summers. Relative to other areas in Southern California, winters are colder with frost and with chilly morning temperatures common.

Window replacement in Rialto, CA

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