How to Offset the Cost of Living in Southern California

The cost of living in Southern California is expensive, and homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save money. Well, we’ve got good news! Did you know energy-efficient home improvements help offset the cost of living in Southern California? It’s true. Keep reading to find out how.

Window Replacements

Window replacements are one of the best home improvement investments you can make to increase the value of your home. Not to mention, Anlin Windows Exclusive High-Performance Glazing System offers the most energy-efficient, lowering energy costs and year-round comfort.

Patio Doors

Need more than just window replacements? Getting new doors can also help lower your energy costs. Anlin Malibu doors are designed and built for optimum performance using the latest energy-saving technology. We’ll not only help you lower your bills, but also help you feel safe at home. We’re proud to say, all Anlin Malibu doors were designed with security in mind and passed the forced entry resistance tests.

HVAC System

We want to make sure you’re comfortable year-round, plus help save you money on heating and cooling costs. That’s why we help design a complete system that fits your home’s requirements and your weather zone from a variety of sizes, capacities, and efficiencies available.

We also offer the Housewise thermostat, which begins saving you money as soon as it’s installed! It has built-in features like smart setback, energy-use reporting, and tailored tips. You can save an average of 20% annually on your heating and cooling energy costs.

TEX•COTE® Exterior Coating

TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® exterior coating systems are specially formulated to reflect solar heat without changing color. On average, TEX•COTE® is 100% more reflective than the conventional technologies used in all of the competing products. Start your energy savings today!

Get Your Showcase Home Today

We hope this blog helped inform you on how to offset the cost of living in Southern California. You see, the beauty of home improvements by California Showcase is that no matter what you spend in the short-term, your costs are offset or completely recouped in the long-term by reducing all of your monthly energy costs.

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