Are you finding that your windows may be at the end of their lifespan? If you’ve started to take notice of your windows due to problems such as foggy glass or drafts, you may wonder, “when should I replace my windows?” If this question is on your mind, we’ve got good news! Replacing old windows will result in lower maintenance, better energy savings, and smoother operation. Before swapping out all of your windows with new energy-efficient replacements, let’s make sure they need to be replaced in the first place.

Your Windows Need Repair

If your windows are drafty, foggy, or stuck in place, you might be wondering if it’s worth repairing them or fully replacing them. While you can solve some problems with a quick fix, let’s take a look at the scenarios where your windows will need to be swapped out.

  • Chipped, Soft, or Water Damaged Frames: If you notice that your windows frame are chipped or soft, this indicates that they are beginning to rot. Water damage and infiltration can wreak havoc on windows and are most likely beyond repair. You’ll want to replace them soon before it leads to warping, mold, or structural damage.
  • Drafts: If you notice a draft coming through your windows even when they’re closed, this indicates a problem. Correctly functioning windows should let air in when shut. It means that there’s a gap or opening that shouldn’t be there. A draft becomes a problem, especially when the weather changes and your heating and cooling unit has to work overtime to keep you at a comfortable temperature.
  • Replacement Hardware: If your old window has a hard-to-find piece of hardware that needs replacing, you may want to find new windows. Many replacement windows (like ours) come with a lifetime warranty on parts, allowing you to easily contact the manufacturer to get your parts replaced and window fixed.
  • Foggy Glass: If you own double-pane or triple-pane windows that are foggy, it’s not something you can easily fix. Often, the condensation gets trapped between the glass from a hole or opening that you may not even notice. Once there’s a leak present, the windows won’t perform as intended. You can replace the glass, but this is an expensive option, so it’s worth replacing the entire window to guarantee you get the best results.
  • Outdoor Noise: If you hear a lot of outdoor noise through your windows, this likely indicates that there’s an opening or that your windows aren’t sealed correctly. They may also have been installed incorrectly or are made of low-quality materials. Regardless of the reason, if outdoor noise is becoming an issue, replacement windows are a great way to help decrease noise pollution.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Are your monthly heating or cooling bills steadily rising? If you notice an upward trend with your energy costs, your windows may be the culprit! Correctly installed energy-efficient windows can drastically help minimize your heating and cooling costs. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy found that windows can be responsible for 25%-30% of your home’s heating and cooling loss. This means your money is (literally) going out of the window!

Are You Renovating Your Home?

If you’re remodeling your home, don’t forget about your windows! You don’t want to invest a lot of time and money into fixing up your home, only for your outdated windows to stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re redoing the exterior, it’s important to choose windows that match the design and aesthetic of the home. Remember to get some professional advice on your windows, as choosing the wrong windows may detract from your home’s value. If you need any help choosing the best window style and color, our knowledgeable team is more than happy to help out!

Where Can I Find Replacement Windows?

Now that you know when you should replace your windows, the next step is finding ones that suit your needs and preferences! At California Showcase Construction, we carry a wide variety of window styles from some of the best manufacturers in the industry! You can call us at (951) 682-0208 or click here to schedule a free consultation with our team, where we’ll help you determine if you need replacement windows. If you find that it’s time to get rid of your old windows, know that our products are backed by a double lifetime warranty! You can relax knowing that you’re covered for life.