There might be a lot of goals in your mind for when you get replacement windows in your Southern California house, and one of them should be the safety and security of your home. New windows are going to automatically do a number of things for your home, like give it more energy efficiency, and bring a new, fresh look to the exterior. New windows are also going to enhance your home’s safety and security. Here are a few ways in which they will do just that.

New Locks on Replacement Windows

Even standard builder-grade windows with ordinary locks are very secure in today’s market. New windows come with new locks, and new locks are going to work a lot better than something old that is worn out. You might find that your old locks are wiggly and don’t always stay in place. New windows with new locks most certainly won’t be that way.

Stronger Window Frames

Just like the new windows and locks, the frames also have brand new materials, and they are going to be much stronger than windows that have old frames that have seen a lot of use over the years. Old wood frames might be rotting and warped, and that doesn’t do anything to keep them strong. Old aluminum frames are no match for the California climate and are do not meet the code anymore. New vinyl window frames are the way to go because they now feature multiple technological advancements that make them stronger than ever.

Better Replacement Window Fit

Your old windows might have leaks and gaps in them because, over the years, they have shifted and simply don’t fit your home very well any longer. The professionals from California Showcase Construction will come to your home and measure your window spaces with great care. The windows ordered are the exact right size, and they will be installed to fit your home like a glove. They will fit better because of their sealing, and that will help your home become a more secure place to live as well.

Thicker Window Glass

Your windows might be old enough that they have single-pane glass. That kind of glass is so easy to break. Sometimes you might feel all it takes is a little breeze for it to shatter. Today’s windows come with standard double pane glass. That glass is much harder to break, and if you get an upgrade to triple-pane glass, that’s even harder to break through.

Replacement Windows Provide Emergency Exit

Windows aren’t just safe and secure for your home because the new versions are a lot harder to pry open (if not impossible!) or breakthrough. They also offer you security from the inside. If you have an emergency situation, for example, and you have to get out of your house through an alternate exit, you need windows that open and close easily, like your new windows will, and perhaps your old windows did not.

When you are in the market for replacement windows in Southern California, you can look forward to a whole new level of safety and security in your home. The professionals at California Showcase Construction can help you with that goal and any others you have.