When you are in need of replacement windows, there are plenty of replacement window choices that would make a big difference in your home. Modern replacement windows are more efficient than the ones installed on your house thirty years ago. They will give your home a new, fresh look over what you had in your home before the replacement. But if you live in Southern California, you want to seal your home, protect it from the elements, and have true energy efficiency. And you also want your home to stand out and have the best curb appeal on the block. So there are unique things you can do with your window replacement project in order to achieve this. Here are a few window replacement options to help you figure out what might fit your home.

Consider Black Replacement Window Frames

While white is the most popular frame color, black frames are rising in popularity and are considered more modern and unique. If you have a lighter-colored home, black replacement windows can give you a striking contrast. It will make the new windows stand out as something fresh and contemporary. But don’t worry, this black-colored frame trend is the one that won’t disappear any time soon. As long as you paint a light color on your house in the future, you can guarantee that the black replacement windows will still look nice.

Get Unique Replacement Window Shapes

You aren’t going to want all of the windows in your house to be strange shapes, but adding a few in places that show well from the front of the house can add to the curb appeal of the home overall. Consider a round window above the front door, for example, or some long, rectangular windows around another window in the front room. Uniquely shaped replacement windows can add to the appeal of your home while bringing in more light.

Add Replacement Windows Around Replacement Windows

If you want to open your house up more to the natural light, adding windows around a bank of existing windows can make a huge change in the house. You can add another casement window beside a picture window or put some sliding windows on top of the bank of double-hung windows. Having groups of windows can be very striking, and it can make a big change in the overall look of your home.

Consider as Many Replacement Window Upgrades as You Can Afford

While you might not want or need every upgrade offered on the windows, consider the choices and upgrade as much as you can afford to make your windows as energy-efficient as possible. For example, always choose to upgrade to the most energy-efficient glass. While this won’t show aesthetically, it will show on your energy bills and in the comfort of your home. That will make your windows unique, and it will be something you will enjoy and appreciate for many years in the future.

If you are looking for replacement windows and you want something outside of the standards, there are plenty of customized, unique options on the market. The professionals at California Showcase Construction are happy to talk to you about the standards, all of the upgrades that are possible, unique choices, and everything in between. We’re here to help you get what you need to be as happy as possible with the end result. Give us a call for a free consultation, and we’ll give you recommendations and advice from there.