When you buy replacement windows, it’s an investment. But one of the best parts of the project is that when you get the right replacement windows, you can pay yourself back for that investment over time. It’s not money you spend and never see again, which gives homeowners a good feeling about moving forward. However, not all replacement windows are the same. If you are asking, do replacement windows really pay for themselves,” read on.

Replacement Windows Lower Energy Bills 

Keep track of how much your energy bills cost you each month before you get your new windows. Ask your window installation company about energy-efficient features and optional upgrades that will improve the performance of your windows. Then, once the new windows are installed, figure out how much lower the bills are. We are very positive that you will see a big difference. Do the math, and you can know exactly how much you save each month. The savings on your energy bill is the first way to start paying yourself back for investing in replacement windows. Every month, you will have extra money you don’t have to spend on energy bills. That adds up quickly and goes towards the investment payback.

New Replacement Windows Don’t Require Maintenance and Repairs 

How much did you spend on paint and tools each year to maintain and repair your old windows? Keep track of those costs as well; they will completely disappear when you get replacement windows. If you hired a handyman to paint and repair your windows, that’s another payment you don’t have to make and more savings in your pocket. You’ll pay yourself back on an annual basis in that manner.

Replacement Windows Increase the Value of Your House 

While maintenance, repairs, and energy bills will pay you back little by little over time, if you decide to sell your house, you can get a huge payment for those windows back in one chunk. When you put in new windows, you can expect up to 80% of what you spent on the replacement windows when you sell your home. That’s how much higher your home’s value will be once the new replacement windows go in. You’ll be able to sell your house for a higher price, and it will most likely sell faster. The home will look fresh and appealing from the curb, and your buyers will appreciate replacement windows for the same reasons you do.

When you are looking into replacement windows, you might feel a bit of a sticker shock when you first see the price. However, don’t feel too bad about that because you can pay yourself back for that investment. You will see that money again! Talk to the experts at California Showcase Construction about ways you can pay yourself back for the investment. Call us, and we can set up a time for us to come to your house and give you a free estimate. There are no obligations for those at all, and we look forward to working with you soon!