There are continuous advancements in products in every industry, and windows are no different. If you want to get window replacement in Southern California, you might wonder if you should wait until the next big thing comes out onto the market. While replacement window manufacturers are going to continue to strive to make things better for their customers, modern windows already solve a lot of problems homes face in the hot California climate. Vinyl replacement windows today are truly top of the line, better than ever before, and just what you need for your home. Here are a few things that help you get what your house needs today instead of waiting around.

Replacement Windows Offer Great Insulation

You might not think of windows as insulators, but you definitely need them to be if you want your home to be energy-efficient. Older windows often only have one pane of glass, and that certainly doesn’t do you much good. However, new windows come standard as dual pane. That additional panel adds a lot, and there’s a space between panels, which insulates your home even further. While some homeowners stick with air between those panes of glass, others select replacement windows with argon gas. This inert gas is denser than air and can help you slow down air infiltration getting through your window until you have the highest level of energy efficiency possible in your home. With these insulating qualities, you can seal your home, feel more comfortable and start saving money on your electric bills.

Advanced Glass Packages for Replacement Windows

In the past, glass was glass, and that was that. If you have fair skin, you could sit on the other side of your glass and still get a sunburn. Today, however, high-performance low-E coatings make the glass much more protective for your home. The low-E glass gives your home three of four additional layers of protection from heat and from the sun. In the winter, the glass will reflect any heat you run back into your home to make it more efficient. In the summer, the glass reflects the heat of the sun back out to protect your home. It also blocks out the dangerous UV rays. You don’t have to worry about sunburns on babies, fading flooring, or ruined furniture from the sun any longer.

These are just a few of the ways vinyl replacement windows have advanced over the years. At California Showcase Construction, you also get a true double lifetime warranty on all your replacement windows. This means that if you sell your house, the warranty will transfer to the new homeowner. If you want to look into options and hear more about the technology windows feature today, call the experts at California Showcase Construction. We’re here to help in any way we can. We’d love to hear more about your home’s situation and provide a free no-obligation in-home estimate.