Have you finally made the decision to go solar? That’s a smart move! Solar panels will help you slash your high energy bills and contribute to the well-being of mother Earth. However, there may be one obstacle in the way of your unlimited sunshine power: your roof. Many homeowners start the process of installing solar panels only to find out that a roofing issue halts the project on its track. Don’t let roofing problems take you (or your wallet) by surprise. If your roof is damaged, old, or not sturdy enough to withstand the additional weight of solar panels, then you’ve got to deal with the issue before going solar. In today’s blog, we will be going over the importance of having a solar-ready roof.

Why Your Roof is Key to Your Solar Panel Installation

When people decide to go solar, they often don’t think about the state of their roof. Your solar panels will most likely be on your roof, so you have to ensure your roof is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your solar system. What you may not realize is that your roof is more than just an assemblage of shingles on the top of your house. A roof is actually a complex system made up of several layers that all work in conjecture to insulate your home and keep the elements out. A standard roof is comprised of the following:

  • Roof truss
  • Decking
  • Insulation
  • Water barrier
  • Underlayment
  • Wood frames
  • Shingles/tiles

If any of the components of these layers are damaged, it can weaken the entire structure of your roof, posing a threat when installing solar panels.

Benefits of Installing a New Roof Prior to Going Solar

Ensuring your roof is in good shape for solar panels is essential. Installing a new roof before going solar provides several benefits, including:

Longer Product Life – A new roof will help to protect the underlying solar panels from the elements, such as wind, rain, and snow. This can help extend the life of the solar panels and help them operate at peak efficiency for a longer period of time.

Increased Home Value – Installing a new roof before solar can help to increase the value of the home. This is because a well-maintained roof can help improve the home’s overall aesthetic. It can also help to reduce the cost of installing solar panels by reducing the labor costs associated with repairing an older roof.

Enhanced Safety – A new roof can help to protect the underlying solar panels from potential damage due to weather and other environmental factors. This can help to reduce the risk of fire or other safety hazards.

Improved Energy Efficiency – Installing a new roof prior to installing solar panels can improve the energy efficiency of the home. This is because a new, more efficient roof will help to reflect more sunlight and keep the home cooler during hot summer days. This can help to reduce air conditioning costs and improve the overall efficiency of solar panels.

Overall, installing a new roof before going solar can ensure that the solar panel installation is optimal, providing maximum benefits, and ensuring the system will be efficient and long-lasting.

Replace Your Roof & Go Solar with California Showcase Construction

If you’re thinking about going solar, you should probably get your roof inspected to see if it will need to be replaced beforehand. If so, the thought of hiring two companies can be overwhelming. However, at California Showcase Construction, we offer both roof replacement and solar installation services. So you can simply hire one company to handle the entire project efficiently. At California Showcase Construction, combining a roof replacement with solar installation allows us to be as efficient as possible. We are proud to pass those cost savings back onto our customers. We also offer our clients a 50-year warranty for their asphalt shingle roof! Ready to get started with your roof replacement/solar installation project? Give us a call at (951) 682-0208, or click here to get started!